On this page you will find links to projects I have created or been a part of. Click on the links to access archived items and more information about projects.

My First Website

Hello world! I built this website using GitHub and Atom for an Introduction to Digital History seminar in 2017. It’s no longer updated, but it’s a nice relic.

A book I helped proofread

While at UT, I assisted Professor Jorie Woods with her latest monograph, Weeping for Dido: The Classics in the Medieval Classroom. I was Prof. Woods’s research assistant for two years.

A book I helped translate

In 2015 I assisted in the translation of excerpts of The Book of John Mandeville for Professor Geraldine Heng’s Book The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages.

My First Edited Site

When I was a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin I assisted Professor Geraldine Heng in edited the Global Middle Ages Project website.

A video game I helped develop

I worked with Professor Lynn Ramey at Vanderbilt University to develop a video game to teach Old French to undergraduates using Unity game engine. The game was based on the medieval text The Voyage of Saint Brendan.

A book I proofread

I had the pleasure of reading proofs for Professor Peggy McCracken‘s latest monograph from the University of Chicago Press